Nov 5th - 11th

What a weekend!! Thank you to all that came out to the Marine Riders Toys for Tots event on Saturday. Great turn-out! For those who did not participate, Mark (Ebay) and Mary Dawn went down on the bike. Thank goodness, they are alive and doing okay. Thank you to all that stopped during the accident to help secure safety and direct traffic to keep Mark and Mary Dawn out of harm's way. Mark is at home, Mary Dawn had surgery on her ankle Sunday, it is our hope she will get to go home soon.
Please keep them both in your thoughts and say a pray every day for their speedy recovery. They are both troopers. RED RIDERZ ROCK!!

Friday: SANCTIONED - Red Riderz Pre- registration Turkey Run meeting at 7p, if dont know where, check your e-mails or the member page.
All Stop Captains will be announced and your assignments will be given out. You will also receive your wrist bands and turkey run pins. For those who will not be there, please contact Lenny or Jason. Please bring raffle prizes you might have to the meeting. We appreciate your marking items with the vendor/donor names.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For all your hard work & donations.
On another note, for the members that qualify, you will receive the voting ballots for "VP" nominations in the mail by the end of the week. Please make sure you "X" the box of your choice, stick the marked ballot in the stamped return addressed envelope that will be provided and mail it back as soon as possible. We need ALL ballots returned no later than 11/23/18.

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